Will 2 Chainz's New Album Be 'B.O.A.T.S. III'?

Chainz next studio album will continue the feel of 'Freebase' EP

By Maurice Bobb

Sorry, trap fans, but as far as 2 Chainz is concerned, hat tricks are reserved for hockey, not hip-hop. Despite rumors to the contrary, the title of Tity Two Necklaces' third LP with not be B.O.A.T.S. III.

"Somebody else said it," Chainz told MTV News about his new album, when he sat with us to discuss his new EP, Freebase . "We not gon' even call the next album B.O.A.T.S. It's gon' be a whole new campaign. I can't wait to come back in and unravel that and show y'all what's up with that."

According to the "Trap Back" MC, his next studio project will transport listeners back to the trap, where he made his bones as a frenzied lyricist bent on superstardom come hell or the hot water needed to cook freebase cocaine.

"It's actually piggy backing off Freebase," Duece said of his yet-untitled next album. "The title of my third album won't be Freebase but it'll piggy back off this lifestyle, off this culture and it's gon' be fun doing that, too. I've already been working on material for that as well."

Recording material for an EP and an LP at the same damn time could be very confusing, sonically, but for Chainz, it's all about which one of his pure-energy rap personas comes permeating through the gritty, percussion-laced beats spitting catchy narratives about crack sales in the trap.

"My next two albums are very conceptual," he said. "They deal with timelines in my life, so when I'm doing music, I can be like, this some 2 Chainz…This some Tity Boi. That's kinda how I separate some of the stuff."

Freebase, which was released Monday (May 5), is available for download here.

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