Nas Ready To 'Reconnect' With Frank Ocean For New Album

'I'm an open canvas, a clear canvas and an excited painter with a shaky hand,' Nas tells MTV News as he starts work on his 11th solo album.

When Nas dropped his 2012 post-divorce masterpiece [article id="1689593"]Life Is Good,[/article] he once again ignited fire to a red-hot career that has spanned almost 20 years and 10 solo LPs.

God's Son is so pumped about last year's work that he's ready to get back into the studio to record its follow-up, and if he has his way, he'll time include Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Frank Ocean this time around.

"I would love to reconnect with Frank Ocean," Nas told MTV News last week when he was in New York celebrating his brand-new partnership with Hennessy's Wild Rabbit campaign.

The two tried to knock out a collaboration for Life Is Good, but after the song's producer, Hit-Boy, lost the digital files, the song was gone. Ocean revealed to The New York Times that the track was titled [article id="1690005"]"No Such Thing as White Jesus"[/article] last year. When we asked Nas about it a few weeks later, he wouldn't confirm. "I've talked about a song with Frank Ocean about a year and a half before anybody worked with him, and since then, it's been a heavily anticipated record, but I didn't talk about which song, actually," he said in July.

Nas said there are a lot of people he's interested in working with for his next album, though he didn't specify who.

Much of Life Is Good served as a sonic refresher to NYC's 1990s boom-bap sound, with songs like "The Don" and "Loco-Motive," but when describing the sound for his upcoming LP, Nas insisted it will be more current. "It's very now, it's very 2013, Nasir Jones. That's what it is," he said with a chuckle. "I feel great, I feel accomplished, I feel wiser and just really ready."

The decorated rap veteran even admitted that he is a bit anxious on this next project, but in a good way. "I'm an open canvas, a clear canvas and an excited painter with a shaky hand," he described as poetically as you'd expect from an MC with Nas' depth. "Not because of bad nerves, but because of excitement."

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