'Drake & Josh' Stans Have The Perfect Idea For A Reunion

Somebody get Oprah on the phone.

"Drake & Josh" fans have been dying for a reunion since the Nickelodeon series went off the air in 2008. Now, in an era of cast reunions, reboots and Netflix revivals, they might just get their wish.

Josh Peck told MTV News that he's totally down for a "Drake & Josh" reunion, and his costar (and onscreen gf) Allison Scagliotti is up for one as well. (Oh my god, I know, we're freaking out too.) While we haven't heard from teen guru, and creator, Dan Schneider yet, that hasn't stopped fans from losing their chill over this news. These '90s kids are taking this long-awaited reunion into their own hands:

Fans are excited af.

And you don't have to be a kid to want a "Drake & Josh" reunion.

Even Mindy is down for one!


Fans immediately went to Peck's other half, Drake Bell, to get him onboard.

But let's be real: we'd also watch this version of "Drake & Josh":

TV gods, make it happen!

Some fans knew who to call.

While others dreamed of the possibilities... like, Drake & Josh Meet Oprah!

Oprah can do anything, duh.

Drake & Josh: The College Years

Okay, so fans really want to see Drake & Josh in college...

Whatever happens, we know it will be AMAZING -- and that's the truth(er).

What say you, Dan Schneider?