Willow Smith And Friends Just Released The Trippiest Video Of The Year: Watch

'Wit A Indigo' redefines Willow's weirdness in the best way.

If anyone is a true free spirit, it is Willow Smith. The singer and rapper is never afraid to express herself, whether it is through cross-genre, mind-bending pop tracks or intelligent quips about the state of the universe.

And her latest effort takes these practices to the next level.

“Are you judging me with your scrunched up nose?” Willow Smith asks in the song and video for “Wit A Indigo,” from her music collective DIASPORA. Members of DIASPORA include Willow, Crystal Mec (aka Mecca Kalani) and Tru. This latest track also features rapper Tyler Cole ( Produced by Sol Prophet, “Wit A Indigo,” also features a sample of Stevie Wonder’s “They Won’t Go When I Go,” from the 1974 album Fulfillingness’ First Finale.

Willow and friends address their detractors head on in the trippy, multi-hued video. The track mentions a number of different subjects including the third eye, vibe generators, spheres and inter-dimensional space.

But at its root, the track is about trying to “mess with” an Indigo. Indigos are children who supposedly possess special traits or abilities, sometimes even supernatural ones. Common Indigo children traits include empathy, strong-willed personalities and self-definition, high intelligence, and spirituality. And clearly, Willow (and her brother Jaden) would fit the bill for Indigo kids. Watch (and be mesmerized by) the whole video below.

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