Nas Played Hype Man For His Hero Slick Rick's 50th Birthday

Nas and his idol rocked together.

Nas honored one of his idols, Slick Rick, by performing with him at the iconic rapper’s 50th birthday celebration.

Nasty Nas even donned Slick Rick’s style for the bash, the heavy gold chains hanging below their waists as the two performed Ricky's “Children’s Story,” a legendary cut off the The Ruler’s classic 1988 album The Great Adventures of Slick Rick.

Nas, who came up believing "Slick Rick was like Jesus” as he once rapped on J. Cole’s “Let Nas Down (Remix),” has collaborated with Ricky on "Me & Nas Bring It To Your Hardest,” a track released in 1999. Slick showed mutual respect on the cut, calling it a “tag team from the top all-starters.”

Rick’s work has heavily inspired Nas, as referenced on Esco’s “Loco-Motive.” Cuts like Nas’ “The World Is Yours” also showcase some of Ricky’s influence with nods to Slick’s “Hey Young World.” Nasty’s Stillmatic cover is even a tip-of-the-NY-cap to Slick Rick’s Great Adventures artwork.

Nas then took to Instagram to shout Rick out with that instant classic photograph. Imagine being able to celebrate your idol’s 50th birthday like this! Sounds like a rap dream come true, right?

And as you can see, Rick The Ruler's still knocking ‘em out the box like he did in '88, crumbs!

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