'Hills' Now And Then: How Spencer And Heidi's Vow Renewal Compared To Their 2009 Wedding

Find out what Brody, Stephanie and others have to say about the recent ceremony

Spencer and Heidi were declared "Mr. and Mrs. Pratt" during Season 5 of The Hills. Jumping 10 years: The two marked a new decade with a vow renewal in front of their nearest and dearest, including son Gunner, in Santa Barbara.

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"I have really prioritized my husband and our life together," Heidi reflected. "Being teammates to each other, encouraging each other, laughing through a lot of hard times. We have certainly made it through a lot."

And for several of the guests, it was if they had come full circle with the happy couple, because they were in attendance at the OG ceremony as well.

"This was a little smaller and more intimate," Brody told MTV News at the milestone event. "They were both awesome and both special in their own ways."

Stephanie has a vivid memory from the 2009 day, and it centers around her sister-in-law.

"I think seeing Heidi was my favorite moment from the wedding," she revealed. "That dress with all the diamonds -- I've never seen a prettier bride."

She continued, gushing about the special significance of their union: "They are doing something that a lot of people aren't lucky enough to ever know."

Last, but certainly not least, Justin Bobby (who wiped away tears as Spencer and Heidi recommitted to each other) couldn't help but wax poetic about his own future as a husband.


"That is why I'm personally here," JB confessed. "I want my wife, I want my kids, and I want to set up our little empire and love and life. I want our wedding day to be our own personal national holiday."

To see the entire vow renewal watch the clip below. And stay with MTV for more Hills-related updates!

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