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Team Blair Or Team Serena: Who's The Real Queen Bee Of 'Gossip Girl'?

It's election season, so it's time to pick a side: Team Blair or Team Serena?

The way "Gossip Girl" has been heating up this season, there's a major power struggle between the Upper East Side's two queen bees. Serena appears to be on top at the moment, but for how long?


When we (very unscientifically) polled our newsroom staff about who should win in the end, Blair seemed to have the edge -- even if the arguments make her out to be more worker bee than queen bee.

And then a surprising dark-horse candidate emerged ...

Joe DeShano: Team Blair

Sorry, Serena. No matter who your new friends may be, you should have to work for what you get. Where was she for a year? And what about her friend Georgina? Do we really want a queen bee who's palled around with a drug addict? That shows poor judgment. Blair has always been there for us. She has all the experience and has earned her place. Even Jenny Humphrey, a onetime rival, now supports her. Blair can truly reach across the aisle and work past differences. She does what she wants and what's best for all.

Jessica Schier: Team Serena

First off, you have to love her for her impeccable style. Secondly, she's real. She realizes situations for what they are, how lame the clique is at school, and how they're like lost puppies. She also realizes that no matter what, Blair just can't be a real friend and happy for her success. And while she may have been a hot mess before, she's pulled it together now. She's the girl everybody wants to be -- and be BFFs with.

Kristin Grimmett: Team Blair

Blair is the epitome of evil, yet you have to love her. Whatever evil she does is for the attention, because she is a little girl lost. Serena has a great mom and a loving family, and she's just trying to be something that she should give up. She should go back to Dan, because she'll never beat Blair.

Rya Backer: Team Blair

Not just because we're both brunettes. Not just because we're both the offspring of lingerie designers. Not just because we're the less-sought-after half of a pair of best friends. I'm team Blair Cornelia Waldorf because she's a worker. (Granted, a lot of her dirty work is done by Dorota ... ) Blair is classy and driven, and while Serena's used to getting her way simply by playing with her hair, Blair uses such tactics as manipulation and persistence -- and if you really think about it, she helps (sending Georgina back to Utah, trying to bail out Nate's family) as much as she hurts. And, whatever -- Serena's really weird. This one time, she pretty much killed a guy.

John Norris: Team Serena

Are we actually having this conversation? I mean, really, I cannot remember a character on a primetime soap (and my memory goes back to, like, "Dallas," folks) more consistently lovely in thought and deed than Serena van der Woodsen. Apart from the fact that Blake Lively is drop-dead beautiful, what is most beautiful is what she brings to this character -- her voice, manner, style, class and fundamental goodness are peerless. As for Blair? How sad. This pathetic picture of insecurity engages in "Les Liaisons dangereuses"-worthy viciousness on a weekly basis that has even at time smacked of homophobia. And there's no feeling sorry for her like we are starting to this season for Chuck Bass. I get the camp appeal, but c'mon, she's tiresome. Serena, well, the word is "sublime." Raise a glass (white wine? Probably) to the Sublime Serena. Try though they may to give her a "dark" side, good wins.

Rachel Josue: Team Chuck

Let's drop the pretension here -- who really pulls all the strings? Lonely Mr. Bass, that's who. The current B and S power struggle is only happening because Chuck needs Blair to need him. Apparently, insecurity is the way to a girl's heart. Everyone at that school is a puppet in Chuck's marionette show. And he has too much money, too much power and too many "friends" (does Chuck have even one actual friend?) in high and bizarre places for anyone to ever take him down.

Who do you vote for? B or S? Or does Little J still have a place in your heart? Let us know ... XOXO.