The 1975’s New ‘Somebody Else’ Video Has The Craziest Twist Ending

See Matt Healy get ‘weird and self-obsessed’

On Thursday evening, just after The 1975 released their new video for “Somebody Else,” frontman Matt Healy tweeted that they got especially “weird and self-obsessed” in the clip. Which honestly might be an understatement, unless you think watching Healy have sex with himself in the back of a car is anything other than “weird.”

The video opens with a three-minute, black-and-white clip with no music; there’s only a faint laugh track as we see Healy take off the clown makeup he wore in the band’s last music video. Things eventually take a colorful but ominous turn, as we see Healy brooding around a city at nighttime, having an exceptionally awful day. He falls off his skateboard, cries in public, drinks heavily, sings karaoke, hooks up with a stripper, and gets beaten and bloodied up.

And then? Well, and then things veer into the totally unexpected, with a twist ending you have to see to believe.

“Somebody Else” is the latest single from The 1975’s recently released sophomore album, (deep breath), I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. For more on the band, check out The 1975’s MTV News cover story.