'Jersey Shore' Star Angelina Explains Her Second Exit On 'The Seven'

'Enough was enough,' she says of her 'abuse' on the show.

In case you missed the [article id="1649113"]latest episode of "Jersey Shore,"[/article] the CliffsNotes version is that Snooki and Angelina ended up in an intense girl fight which led to the expectedly dramatic second exit of Staten Island princess Angelina Pivarnick.

The self-proclaimed "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island" stopped by MTV's "The Seven" on Friday (October 1) to talk about her latest exit.

"Enough was enough," Pivarnick said. "I couldn't take the abuse anymore, so I just decided -- I love my family and friends back home; those are the people that really love me for who I am -- so I'm just going to leave and be with those people."

Regarding the final showdown with Snooki, Pivarnick said it was all about Vinny. "It started with her being jealous that I hooked up with Vinny, and then she hooked up with a guy that I was talking to to get back at me, and she said I had her sloppy seconds. Meanwhile, she did the same thing I did," Pivarnick explained, later referring to herself as "drunk" and "a fool" for hooking up with Vinny.

"I was definitely bullied, basically. I was definitely the person that everybody blamed for everything," she said. "I was blamed for [article id="1648580"]the note[/article]. Meanwhile, I didn't even do it. I was blamed for talking about everybody. Meanwhile, we were all wrong. Everybody talks about everybody."

Pivarnick's least favorite roommate has to be Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, which is not a surprise for those familiar with the two roommates' antics on the show. Mike frequently harassed Angelina about her weight, calling her "a hamster" and "a trash bag."

"I don't feel like I ever had a chance, honestly," Pivarnick said of her time on the show. "They say that they gave me a chance, they say that they wanted to let me in, but it was just like a roller coaster."

But something tells us this is not the last we'll see of Pivarnick -- especially since she said she's thinking about exploring a career in music.

"I think I have a good voice," she said. "I've been testing it out with this producer I know, and I actually rap really good too. You would never expect it I know, but I'm actually really good at it."

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