See The Ultimate Movie Hero On One Glorious Poster

What happens if you put Katniss, Star-Lord, and Bilbo in a blender? This.

While there can only be one "Best Hero" winner at the MTV Movie Awards this year, whoever wins the Popcorn will be up against some stiff competition -- so stiff, in fact, that we can't even guess who'll be taking home the prize on Sunday (April 12th). And we can only give it to ONE person... so why not try to combine all five of them in an unholy mess of awesomeness and heroics?

In the below poster, Peter "Star-Lord" Quill from "Guardians of the Galaxy," Katniss Everdeen from "Mockingjay Part 1," Tris Prior from "Insurgent," Thomas from "The Maze Runner," and Bilbo Baggins from "The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies" have all been fused "Steven Universe"-style (or "Dragonball Z"-style, if you like your cartoons a little older) into the Ultimate Hero. NOW we know who to give the award to -- this magnificent champion!

Click to enlarge the pic. Can you spot all the identifying markers from each movie?

[image src="wp-attachment://2128413" title="hero_movie_poster_final" alt="hero_movie_poster_final"]

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