Adam Devine’s 'Beauty And The Beast' Tribute Literally Set The Movie & TV Awards On Fire

Prepare to have ‘Beauty and the Beast’ stuck in your head forever and ever

Adam Devine proved just how prepared he was to host the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards with a star-studded opening number inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

Devine kicked off MTV's first Movie & TV Awards with a tribute to the nominated [Mrs. Potts's sing-song voice] movies and TV shows with a little help from his Workaholics bro Blake Anderson and some random celebrity friends, including Hailee Steinfeld, Mike Colter, Rebel Wilson, and the Night King from Game of Thrones. (He's a DJ when he's not terrorizing the people of Westeros.)

Dressed as the Beast, Devine successfully set the stage on fire with talent — and actual flames — and even flew around the Shrine Auditorium on a chandelier.

Prepare to have "Beauty and the Beast" stuck in your head for the next five hours.

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