Here's How 'You' Can Welcome MTV To Your Crib

TikTok and the legendary 'MTV Cribs' have a brand-new partnership

MTV Cribs has given us all a unique tour of your favorite celebs' pads for years (remember Mariah Carey taking a luxurious bath?). And now it's time for you to say "welcome to my crib"!

There is a brand-new partnership between MTV Cribs and TikTok for the #MyCrib hashtag challenge. TikTok users will have access to official MTV Cribs music and an official logos sticker pack (among the first times that TikTok has provided custom stickers for a challenge like this!) to help users create the perfect tour of their abode.

Here's how to get started, TikTokers: Use #MyCrib -- and a message will instruct you to "open the front door, welcome us in, and give us an all-access personal tour of your place, MTV Cribs’ style!"

So open TikTok and show us how you're living -- the bedroom, what's inside the refrigerator, how organized/sloppy your closet might be. And check out a roundup below -- you will see some familiar MTV faces.


🗣 I love house tours this time of year! Show us YOUR crib using ##mycrib + our official sound and stickers! 🙌

♬ Friday Night - Jolin Ras


Wishing ##MyCrib could reach the spiritual levels Speidi has. 🔮 Let’s see YOUR crib using our official sound and stickers!

♬ Friday Night - Jolin Ras


Stuck at home? Show us around your crib using ##mycrib 🔑

♬ Friday Night - Jolin Ras


The Fantasy Factory is the ~ultimate~ crib. 🛹 🤘 What does YOUR crib look like? Show us on @tiktok with ##mycrib and our original sound/stickers!

♬ Friday Night - Jolin Ras


##mycrib is the perfect crib for madness 😉

♬ Friday Night - Jolin Ras


Y’all weren’t ready for this shore crib! ##mycrib

♬ Friday Night - Jolin Ras

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