Eminem Becomes A City-Hovering Villain Doing 'Venom' On The Empire State Building

At the very top, naturally

Tom Hardy is Venom; we know this much to be true. But Eminem made his own impressive play for superhero (antihero?) greatness on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night (October 15) by performing his song “Venom” at the top of the Empire State Building.

You’re probably thinking, “Oh cool, the top of the ESB. I did that when I was 14.” And sure, same. But this dude goes to the top — meaning the observation deck where we’ve surely all been by now — and then he goes further up the spire.

And then, somehow, he travels up even higher, to the point where the fog at such an elevation creates an ominous sheen on the whole ordeal. It’s pretty cool, and it finally explains the building's wild nighttime light show noticed by New Yorkers earlier this month.

To be fair, this is less of a performance than a high-stakes, vérité music video, but Em pulls it off with his trademark fierceness and determination to conquer the city. It’s all part of the show’s annual week of filming in Brooklyn as opposed to its usual home in L.A. — and this time, at least Jimmy made someone other than Guillermo ascend the great Art Deco landmark. By elevator.

Guillermo, naturally, makes a brief appearance to awkwardly embrace Em and be his buddy as they climb up to the spire. I hope he wasn’t made to pick up all the microphones Em discarded throughout the building because there are a lot of them. I feel legitimately bad for the person who had to.

“Venom” appears both on Em’s new album, Kamikaze (which dropped in late August), and on the soundtrack to the film of the same name. As far as I can tell, there are no scheduled screenings to watch the movie at the top of the ESB, which is a missed opportunity for sure.

Instead, you can watch Em complete his impressive feat and live vicariously through him in the video above.

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