Now We All Have A Chance To Be On Rihanna's Instagram


When Rihanna returned to Instagram earlier this week, people (very appropriately) freaked out. They were super stoked to see their girl back at it again, but for us, it was so much more than that: BadGalRiRi is a way of life.

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Those six months without seeing a single Rihanna vacay pic, internet meme or fashion shoot in our feeds was basically the worst thing to ever happen to us. TBH, until Rihanna shared her simple "Hellurrr" with the world a few days ago, we were wondering what was the point of using Instagram at all. (Yeah, we're that diehard.)

Shop Jeen

Rihanna Instagram Necklace

Lucky for us, the geniuses over at Shop Jeen created a necklace that we can wear 24/7 to show our dedication to BadGalRiRi at all times. Basically, it's a cut-out frame of Rihanna's Instagram attached to a gold chain so at any moment throughout the day, you can pretend you're being featured on her feed.

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You know, like this. Pretty awesome, huh? Grab one for yourself over at for just $18–and RIHmember: no n00dz!

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