Aaron Paul’s Prom-Crashing Story Has One Epic Ending

Why wasn’t he at MY prom?!

Besides being an Emmy-winning actor and Millie Bobby Brown's unofficial dad, Aaron Paul is also a hilarious delinquent who can't be tamed.

Paul stopped by The Tonight Show Monday (February 27) and confessed to Jimmy Fallon that he vandalized New York City in the dead of night by placing googly eyes on random, inanimate objects. As one does, of course. But even better, he recounted his crazy prom-crashing story in Idaho. He and a friend managed to trick people into thinking Paul was the older brother of one of the students, and that he was just there “to check in on him.”

After dancing and photobombing kids — even making it into the school's yearbook — the principal came over and totally called Paul out on his lie, since that kid didn't even have an older brother. As Paul and his friend were kicked out, the student body started epically chanting, “Let them stay!” Unfortunately, they weren't allowed to stay. Booooo. Check out Paul's hysterical account of the events above.

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