Rihanna And Adam Driver Are Taking On A Musical Together

More like ‘Ri Ri Land’ amirite

UPDATE (3/19/17, 3:42 p.m. E.T.): Womp womp. Rihanna's rep told Pitchfork that she's not going to appear in Annette.

We know they've both got acting chops, and she's long since proven herself as a triple threat worthy of the stage and screen — but are Rihanna and Adam Driver seriously considering a foray into movie musical territory?

All signs point to yes, according to Variety: The trade reports that the pop dynamo and the Star Wars star are both signed on for Annette, French filmmaker Leos Carax's first English-language film.

The music and story will come from a decidedly rock place instead of a classical Broadway-ready approach, as Sparks, the Angeleno pop duo that came up in the ’70s and are best known for single "This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us," have penned both the script and the music for the film. The story follows a stand-up comedian — presumably played by Driver, as noted by Deadline — who's raising his gifted young daughter.

Rooney Mara had committed to the project but dropped out over scheduling conflicts, so Annette is still searching for its leading lady. Whether that's everyone's favorite bad gal or another star with killer pipes remains to be seen, but either way, any musical involving Driver, Rihanna, and the music of Sparks is hugely relevant to our interests.