Watch Hannibal Buress Absolutely Destroy A Heckler At His Comedy Show

Don't try this at home.

The fact that Hannibal Buress took full advantage of the opportunity to burn Justin Bieber at his Comedy Central Roast on Monday (Mar. 30) night shouldn’t come as a surprise to his fans and one heckler who dared interrupt his act.

A drunken man yelled out at the “Broad City” comedian’s show at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware and it did not end well.

Buress took a three-minute detour from his routine to destroy the heckler in front of everyone.

“Why can’t you hold your liquor?” Buress asked. “Actually, I want to give you the excuse of being drunk and not just being a shitty, obnoxious person. I hope you’re drunk. Cause I’ve done shit when I was drunk…not interrupt a show that 1100 other people are watching.”

Watch Hannibal Buress rip the guy a new one for yourself below:

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