Demi Lovato Calls On Jonas Brothers For Help With Debut LP, Onstage Tumble

Actress/singer also dishes on 'Princess Protection Program,' her upcoming Disney Channel film with best friend Selena Gomez.

All summer long, 16-year-old [article id="1591448"]actress/singer Demi Lovato[/article] has been the envy of millions of tween girls. That's because her summer has been spent on the road, traveling from state to state with her good pals -- and "it" boy band of the moment -- the Jonas Brothers.

And while Lovato said she's had a blast on tour with the Jonases, there have been a few moments when she wanted to crawl under a rock and hide.

"I fell at a show this one time," she laughed. "Actually, I've fallen several times -- like, four times already. But this one time I fell, it was the only one that made Perez Hilton and YouTube. I didn't think anything of it when it happened. I just laughed it off onstage. But the next day, I see that it hit the Internet, and I was like, 'Nooooooo.' It totally stung, because I wasn't expecting it. But I didn't get hurt, and Joe [Jonas] helped me out a lot with that. He made a ton of jokes about it."

The Jonases are good like that. They're there to help lighten the mood during very public, highly embarrassing moments, but they're also reliable friends, who helped Lovato perfect the songs that comprise her forthcoming LP, Don't Forget, which hits stores September 23.

"I did a duet with the Jonas Brothers on my album, and we wrote the song together," Lovato explained. "It's like a breakup song, and it's called 'On the Line.' [It was important to have them on my album] because, I mean, just look at how successful they are. I would love to have their input anytime, because they're obviously doing something right."

While she wrote the material for Don't Forget, an album she tracked in just 10 days, Lovato said she ultimately needed that Jonas touch.

"I tend to write songs that are, I guess, a little bit more intense and less catchy, and I needed help writing catchy songs," she said, adding that the album also features a guest spot from Rooney frontman Robert Schwartzman. "So that's where they came in. I put a lot of my musical input and lyrics into these songs, and they just helped me with hooks and stuff like that."

While she would love to tour around the record's release, Lovato said she has only booked a handful of gigs, as she'll be busy shooting her new Disney Channel series "Welcome to Mollywood." But if time permits, she'd love to do a headlining run somewhere down the line. For now, she's focused on acting and spreading the word about Don't Forget, an album she said she thinks fans her age will be able to relate to.

"There's a song I wrote myself that I hope fans will react to and connect with," she said. "The song is about feeling insecure and just not feeling pretty, and I hope girls my age can relate to it, because I just felt like there needed to be a song about how not everyone has confidence. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true."

And while Don't Forget is a light affair, Lovato would like to tackle deeper themes on her sophomore LP.

"I used to write [really dark] songs every night in my room -- like, five or six a night -- and I'd be up until 5 in the morning, and my mom would come up and say, 'So what are you writing?' " she said. "I'd play her a song, and she'd go, 'Wow -- go to therapy.' But it really is therapy for me, so I put everything in my lyrics. You won't necessarily find a lot of that on the album, but hopefully you will on the next album. It's my first one, so I wanted it to be fun -- stuff you can drive around in your car to and jam out to."

While she was able to nab a big-name collaboration for her first studio offering, Lovato said there's one collaboration she'd really love to make happen for her next record.

"I hope to do a collaboration with Kelly Clarkson," she said. "She's done collaborations with Reba McIntire, who was her idol growing up, and Kelly Clarkson has been my idol growing up. Hopefully, one day I could collaborate with her -- that would be the biggest dream come true."

Early next year, fans will also get to see Lovato in her first film since "Camp Rock" called "Princess Protection Program." Lovato got to film the Disney Channel-backed flick in Puerto Rico with [article id="1591579"]best friend Selena Gomez[/article].

"I play a princess, and [Gomez's father in the film] is a secret agent, and he takes me into his house for security, and me and the daughter butt heads the whole time, because she's sort of a tomboy who wants to be popular, and I'm the princess who comes in and steals a lot of attention," she said. "Secretly, I don't want the attention. It's a really neat story, and it's actually pretty dramatic for Disney Channel. I think this one will show off both of our acting skills, and I think it will be very good for us."

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