Stoned Stories: This Is What It’s Like To Work On MTV’s Pot-Centric Series 'Mary + Jane'

Hear the show's stars spill some truly dope deets

Mary + Jane — MTV's brand-new comedy premiering on September 5 — follows friends Jordan (Scout Durwood) and Paige (Jessica Rothe) as they operate their own business in Los Angeles. And the aforementioned professional venture obviously centers around marijuana.

Before M + J debuts on the network — peep the trailer above to get a taste of what's to come — the leading ladies dished some dope tidbits to MTV News about the series. And yes, we had to ask them their favorite pot tales from behind the scenes.

"It's really gross," Rothe says with a laugh about Honeyrose, the faux weed the gals use to light up (nope, no authentic grass to see here). "There were so many takes where we would just have to do them over and over, and we would all be dying laughing because Scout and I would be coughing. It was disgusting."


Meanwhile, Durwood has another take on the herbal cigs.

"I got really into it," she explains with a chuckle. "I was into rolling it — it's like rose petals."

While the phony cannabis wasn't exactly popular with one of the thespians, oregano served as the main ingredient for bulk quantities of the drug. And one person actually had difficulty being in close proximity to the dried plant.

"Our wonderful sound guy Paul is horribly allergic to oregano," Rothe dishes. "He couldn't stay in the room — he kept on sneezing."

Bless him. Funny tales aside, the gals' fun-loving chemistry didn't just flourish onscreen.

"Scout is a dream to work with," Rothe adds. "Every day on set, I would learn from her."

Be sure to catch the first episode of Mary + Jane this Monday at 10/9c — and stay with MTV News for more coverage around the series!

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