This Wistful Rixton Performance Makes You Feel All The Things

The band played a slow, stripped down 'Hotel Ceiling' on 'Big Morning Buzz Live.'

Last Wednesday (March 4), Rixton took the stage on VH1's "Big Morning Buzz Live" to perform their wistful new single, "Hotel Ceiling." 2015 is shaping up to be a wild year for the insanely talented band. They dropped their debut album Let The Road this week, they're joining Ariana Grande on her Honeymoon Tour AND touring with Ed Sheeran after that.

Speaking of Ed, him and Benny Blanco actually co-wrote "Hotel Ceiling" for Rixton, who told us working with Ed was "exciting, elating, extraordinary and epic." (We caught up with the band yesterday at a 12-hour hotel party to celebrate their album release.)

"We're very close with Ed, he's worked very closely with our producer as well," singer and guitarist Jake Roche said on the show. "So yeah, ["Hotel Ceiling"] just kind of came about through word of mouth, really."

Check out their emotional live performance of the song below:

And if you're feeling the wanderlust after listening to that, here's a silly video of Rixton trying (and failing) to mime -- yes, mime -- "Hotel Ceiling" at their hotel-a-thon earlier this week:

Stick to music, guys. Miming clearly is not the career for you.

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