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Katy Perry To Appear On 'The Simpsons' In December

After 'Sesame Street' canned her skit last week, Perry will perform with 'Simpsons' puppets for Christmas episode.

You can bet good old Moe Syslak will have no problem at all with [article id="1648495"]Katy Perry's low-cut dresses[/article] when the singer drops in to visit "The Simpsons" in December. After getting the hook on "Sesame Street" for showing Elmo too much cleavage, Perry is gearing up to add to her comedic résumé with a coveted guest spot on the long-running Fox sitcom on December 5.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Perry will guest in a very special Christmas-themed "Simpsons" episode in which the sallow-skinned denizens of Springfield will join her in live action as puppets. Perry will, of course, play herself in the bit, in which, yes, she will play Moe's girlfriend in an episode titled "The Fight Before Christmas."

Executive producer Al Jean spilled a bit of the reasoning for taking the lovably 2-D characters into the third dimension for the show, which was actually shot in mid-September, before Cleavagegate. "In the wake of Elmo's terrible betrayal, the Simpsons puppets wish to announce they stand felt-shoulder-to-shoulder with Katy Perry," Jean said. Among Perry's duties on the show will be leading the gang in singing "The 39 Days of Christmas."

The turn to comedy is in keeping with Perry's recent foray into acting, including a pair of appearances in skits on the season premiere of [article id="1648721"]"Saturday Night Live"[/article] this weekend. In the first, a bespectacled Perry bounced and giggled her way through a "Bronx Beat" bit in which she played a buxom teen named Maureen Dichico who's been turning heads at the local library while reading to kids.

Perry showed decent comedic timing in that one, but was back to her usual forte during an appearance in the night's "Digital Short," in which she sang the theme to the fictional superhero movie "Boogerman." It's all good practice for her upcoming big-screen debut in "The Smurfs" as Smurfette.

Could there be a [article id="1647232"]"Mr. and Mrs. Brand"[/article]-type caper in the future for Katy and hubby-to-be Russell?