Destiny's Child, Janet Jackson, Pantera, Others Cancel, Postpone Concerts

Show goes on for Madonna, Backstreet Boys, PJ Harvey.

Tuesday's horrific terrorist attacks have left no segment of American society untouched, including the music industry. As the weekend approaches, artists ranging from Destiny's Child and Janet Jackson to Slipknot and Aerosmith have canceled or postponed concerts.

Artists cite safety concerns in making their decisions. Destiny's Child have canceled all shows on the "TRL" tour — which also features Eve, Nelly and City High — through at least Monday out of concern for

audience and performer safety, according to Music World Entertainment, their management. Shows in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and Sacramento may be rescheduled.

"We apologize to our international friends and fans that we planned on jamming and partying with," Pantera said in a statement on their Web site announcing that they have pulled out of the Tattoo the Planet European festival tour. "But there is absolutely nothing in the world worth compromising their safety or ours [for]."

Other artists, including the Backstreet Boys, Madonna and PJ Harvey, have chosen to continue performing.

Backstreet played in Toronto on Wednesday and plan to perform there again on Thursday (September 13).

"The decision centered around President Bush's suggestion that we don't want to let the people who did these terrible things think they won," said a spokesperson at Backstreet's management, the Firm. "The saving grace is

people doing something entertaining that can make them happy and not feel they've been taken down by this."

The spokesperson confirmed that Wednesday night, the Boys took the stage with their crew before the show and held a brief memorial for victims of Tuesday's attacks. These included Daniel Lee, a tour carpenter who was onboard one of the hijacked planes. The Boys asked the crowd to observe a short silence.

PJ Harvey, who will perform Thursday in Chicago, posted a statement on her Web site that said, "Music has always been a great healer and it is felt that if there is any way that these shows can bring some relief in light of the recent travesty, then this should be the goal."

Other artists continued to cancel shows scheduled for throughout the weekend.

Jay-Z, whose album The Blueprint came out Tuesday, was set to open his tour Friday in Columbus, Ohio. That show, and another in Cleveland on Sunday, have been postponed to October 9 and 10, respectively, according

to the venues. A spokesperson for the rapper was unavailable to comment on the rest of the tour's status.

Aerosmith indefinitely postponed shows scheduled for Thursday and Saturday. Janet Jackson rescheduled Friday and Saturday dates in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, for October 28 and 29, respectively; at press time, her Sunday show in New Orleans was to go on as planned. Blink-182 canceled shows this week in California; Wednesday's planned Long Beach show will be delayed a week, while Thursday's Anaheim show will be made up Sunday. The Pledge of Allegiance tour, scheduled to kick off Friday in Chicago with metal stalwarts Slipknot and System of a Down headlining, has been postponed a week, according to the tour's publicist.

The outing, also featuring Mudvayne and Rammstein, will now begin September 21 in Denver. Scheduled shows in Chicago; St. Paul, Minnesota; Madison, Wisconsin; and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, have been rescheduled for October 9, 11, 12 and 14, respectively. A Sunday show in Omaha, Nebraska, has been canceled along with Florida shows in Tampa, Orlando and Miami. The St. Louis date has been changed to October 13. All other dates will remain as scheduled.

The Pledge of Allegiance tour will be dedicated to the recent tragedies' victims and their families, the publicist said.

Madonna will perform as scheduled in Los Angeles on Thursday, and she'll make up her canceled Tuesday show there on Saturday. Staples Center officials say heightened security measures will be in effect, and fans are required to arrive at the venue one hour before the 8 p.m. show time.

Crystal Method, Living Colour and Crosby, Stills and Nash also canceled or postponed shows scheduled for this weekend. The status of some weekend dates, including concerts by Stevie Nicks and John Mellencamp, has yet to be determined, according to Clear Channel Entertainment.

The tragedies' effects extend to record-store shelves, too.

Anticapitalist rappers the Coup have pulled the album art for Party Music, due November 6. The original art showed group member "Boots" Riley holding a bomb detonator in front of an exploding World Trade Center.

"The original cover artwork for the Coup album Party Music was created long before the unfortunate events of September 11th," the band's label said in a statement. "75 Ark recognizes and supports the artistic freedom of its artists. However, recent extraordinary events demand that we create new artwork for the album."

The statement said the album cover had not been printed, though it was available on the label's Web site. The label asks anyone with a copy of the image to not distribute it.

"The Coup are deeply saddened by this horrible tragedy," 75 Ark general manager Toni Isabella said in a statement. "The Coup advocates change, but change through peaceful means, never through violence."

Art rockers Dream Theater released Live Scenes From New York on Tuesday with art portraying the New York skyline, including the World Trade Center towers and Statue of Liberty, engulfed in flames. A spokesperson at their label, Elektra Records, was unsure if the album would be pulled from shelves.

Slayer released God Hates Us All on Tuesday. A spokesperson was unavailable to comment on that record's status.

Most of the albums due next week — including Live's Five, Macy Gray's The Id, Tori Amos' Strange Little Girls and Collective Soul's Greatest Hits — will be released as scheduled.

Live's spokesperson at MCA said the band has dedicated the song "Overcome" to the victims and their families. "We would like to express our concern and sympathy for anyone who was involved in any extent in [Tuesday's] tragedies in New York, Washington, D.C., and other areas," the band said on its Web site. "We will keep all involved in our thoughts today and in the upcoming days."

The terrorist attacks also affected Hollywood. The studios behind Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Collateral Damage" and Tim Allen's "Big Trouble" have pulled the films from their release schedules, while upcoming network broadcasts of "The Peacemaker," "Independence Day" and "The X-Files" have been canceled, according to Reuters. All these movies deal with terrorism or bombings.

The "Spider-Man" movie's trailer has been pulled from theaters and the Web because it contains a scene in which a helicopter carrying fleeing robbers gets trapped in a giant spider web strung between the World Trade Center


The National Football League and Major League Baseball have canceled all of this weekend's games, and many college football games also have been canceled.