14 Movies We Can't Wait To See At Toronto International Film Festival

The 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, the 40th incarnation of one of the most prestigious and anticipated film festivals in the world, begins today, and film lovers everywhere are rejoicing. There are certainly titles among the bulging lineup that will be on Academy members' ballots come winter, and we're dying to get our first look at them.

Ahead, 14 movies we're itching to see at TIFF this year.


The much-anticipated film adaptation of the lauded novel brings the brilliant Brie Larson to the challenging role of Ma, a young woman who has been imprisoned -- and raised a son -- in a tiny shack. Even after they break free of Room (what they call their home), will Ma and Jack (Jacob Tremblay) ever really be free?


Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci, John Slattery, Michael Keaton and more: a powerful cast unites to tell a powerful, true story. This sure awards season favorite details the real-life Boston Globe investigation into the cover-up of the Catholic Church's child molestation scandal.


The opening night film of this year's edition of the festival stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a man desperate to examine each and every piece of his life after his wife dies in an accident. What will he find?

The Martian

Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is lonely. That would be because he's stuck on Mars, and his crewmates -- in fact, the entire world -- think he's dead. Will he ever get off the red planet? We can't wait to find out. Think "Gravity," but with a different message.

The Danish Girl

From the director of "Les Miserables" and "The King's Speech" comes "The Danish Girl." It's sure to be beautiful, and features known master Eddie Redmayne in a role that might nab him another statue.

Black Mass

Talk about very recent history: real mobster Whitey Bulger was taken into custody in 2011 after 16 years on the run. Oh, and 12 of those years, he was second on the Most Wanted list -- behind Osama bin Laden. Johnny Depp totally transforms for the role (yes, that's Johnny Depp under all that), and a standout supporting cast featuring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jesse Plemons doesn't hurt either.

He Named Me Malala

Bring the tissues and get ready to get inspired after watching this doc. "He Named Me Malala" gives us one-on-one time with the teen who won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, Malala, who was shot in the head for daring to get her education. Instead of being struck down, she was even more outspoken on behalf of the masses of young women who are denied their best lives.

Closet Monster

Makeup can be many things: a mask, an enhancement, a disguise. For one teen, it's a way of transforming and understanding his true identity.

The Dressmaker

Kate Winslet is back, as if she ever left, in a movie that promises to be charming, sad and funny, all in one. Is she a murderess? A seamstress? All of the above? We can't wait to find out.


One city, one night, one continuous take. How does a one-shot heist feature sound to you? "Victoria" promises to be innovative, stylish, impressive and dramatic, and we can't wait to hear how the filmmakers pulled it off.


A post-Walter White Bryan Cranston stars in this biopic of a writer fighting the spin machine in the McCarthy era. Quotable? Gotta be.


The always intriguing Saoirse Ronan stars as a young Irish immigrant trying to find her place in New York City. After finding love in America, she's called back to Ireland. Now a new question arises: where is home?


Ellen Page and Julianne Moore star in the depiction of the real-life story of a Jersey couple fighting for equal rights. When a gay police officer (Moore) is dying and she's not allowed to assign her pension to her partner (Page), which will move first, the conservative town elders or the couple's will? Bring tissues.


You only need four words to sell this one: Tom. Hardy. Playing. Twins. There, see?

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