How 'Jonah Hex' Made Josh Brolin Quit Smoking

Jonah Hex is a lot of things. He's a killer, an alcoholic, abusive, stubborn, the list goes on — but could he also be a healthy alternative to smoking?

During an interview with MTV News, "Jonah Hex" star Josh Brolin explained why playing DC's scarred bounty hunter forced him to quit his smoking habit cold turkey (among other less-helpful effects).

"It was hard, because I couldn't eat," Brolin told MTV News. "Because I had the mouthpiece in, I couldn't eat for 14-15 hours a day. I had three layers of prosthetics on, I had layers of wool on my body, I had boots that made my feet so swollen that every morning I'd get up and look like Quasimodo trying to get to the bathroom."

"I jammed all my fingers but two," he added.

Brolin joked that the difficulty of the shoot even had him questioning where he went wrong in his career.

"It was a tough shoot, so when you're doing it, you're like, 'What were you thinking? What's the matter with you? Wou were on such a nice run, what happened?'" he laughed.

However, the experience wasn't without some positives.

"Unfortunately, I was smoking, too," he said. "So to figure out how to do that and chew the gum... it was a debacle. If anybody wants to stop smoking, just play Jonah Hex."

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