'American Idol' Recap: Paris Works Beyonce Song, Chris Digs Up Old Creed

Paris acts her age; Chris needs to mix it up; Lisa's Kelly Clarkson performance could be her last.

It seems everyone has something to say about "American Idol" and is no different. Here's the latest edition of our weekly performance-night roundup:

March 28 - Theme: Songs from the 21st century

Surprise performance: Paris finally went teen and it paid off with a performance of "Work It Out" so bootylicious we almost forgot about "Conga." There's a clear front-runner in the once-close race between Paris and Lisa and it's the one doin' the Beyoncé.

Fashion hits and misses: Katharine, oh dear, what happened? That was one of the worst looks in "Idol" history. ([article id="1526709"]Click here for photos.[/article]) As for the Taylor debate, Simon was a little too hard on the Abercrombie look, but it was an unnecessary makeover. Bring back the baby-blue suit. No look matched the performance better than Paris'. Well, Bucky's maybe, but he's not exactly a fashion icon in the making.

Judging the judges: Are we judging the performances here or just the song choices? And what is Simon thinking comparing Katharine to Christina Aguilera and then dissing Paris? It seems hell may have frozen over, because Paula was actually more right-on than Simon. However, she loses points for that odd line about wanting to hear about Ace's scar. Here's a scar for you, Paula: It's called Corey Clark.

'Idol' Season Five Performances

Top 12 Finalists

Best audience sign: So it's not really a sign, but the little kid who grayed his hair in support of Taylor was fantastic.

Who will go: Does Lisa want to go home? Singing Kelly Clarkson? "No guts, no glory." More like no brains. Had she cried after the judges annihilated her, Ace would be going, but she had to go and keep her composure.

Who needs to step it up: Chris should have explained the Live situation better (see [article id="1526988"]"Did 'Idol' Contender Daughtry Go Over The Line With 'Walk The Line' Cover?"[/article]). More importantly, he should never have admitted to being a Creed fan and performed one of their dated singles. Is he going to confess his love for Eve 6 next week? Seriously, study your Bo Bice history book and see how he mixed it up. And Kellie just killed her momentum.

Who is the one to beat: Paris passed Mandisa to earn her spot in the final four, but Taylor still has it, delivering the best vocal performance of the night, hands down, which is exactly what he needed. He's authentic and soulful. Sign me up for the Soul Patrol.

You told us:

I'm so glad to see Paris getting the credit she deserves after "Work It Out." In my opinion, that was the best overall performance in "American Idol" history. Her vocals were close to flawless, her moves were amazing and her energy was through the roof. Paris was born to be a star. Let her shine!

Jeffrey, 20

Washington, DC

Taylor was the best performance of 21st century night. Lisa will go this week. Bucky is doing better. Ace is getting creepy. Kellie fell. Chris has no depth. Katharine has got to show more originality and personality. Paris was good but not stellar. I'm not sure what Mandisa was thinking. Elliott shouldn't go near a song performed by last year's runner-up.

Christy, 41

Brewster, NY

Elliott's performance was one of the best of the night but he doesn't get credit in this recap. He'll be in the top four.

Brandon, 22

Pittsburgh, PA

Taylor is so versatile and has changed it up each week. I absolutely loved his latest performance.

J.A., 32

Philadelphia, PA

Paris should win it all. I'd tell you why, but isn't it obvious now?

Marie, 17

Naples, FL

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