Katy Perry Shares Russell Brand Wedding Footage At Grammys

Singer projects images from her October vow-swap in India while singing 'Teenage Dream' and 'Not Like the Movies.'

Katy Perry teased fans about her Grammy performance Saturday with the tweet, "Tomorrow is Grammy's & boy oh boy do I have a very special performance ready for you. CLUE: The theme is looooooovvvvveeee," and true to her word, the singer dished out a very personal and intimate pre-Valentine's Day performance.

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Dangling on a swing in a pale-pink, princess-like frock, Perry began with the Teenage Dream ballad "Not Like the Movies." The singer was then lifted into the air as she began to belt the lyrics, revealing the swing was attached to a giant white drape that filled up the expanse of the stage. As Perry continued to croon about finding the perfect guy, grainy footage from her grand October nuptials to British comedian Russell Brand projected across the drape, showing Perry in her bridal gown kissing her new husband, which was the first time the couple shared any images from their wedding publicly.

After the heartfelt tribute, Perry switched back to the vampy, cheeky pop sensation we've come to know, proclaiming, "This one goes out to all the Valentine lovers!" as crimson-clad dancers invaded the stage for "Teenage Dream." Actress Nicole Kidman sang along in the audience as Perry belted the track on a set outfitted with neon heart-shaped set pieces and monitors dappled with heart-shaped candy pieces.

With Sunday night's (February 13) Grammy performance behind her, Perry is gearing up for her upcoming [article id="1656276"]California Dreams Tour[/article]. The poptress recently said [article id="1657453"]she's deep into preparations[/article] for the summertime trek, which will cross the country until August.

"It's like training for the Olympics. I'm off to the gym to build stamina ... and I hate working out, but I have to go, because this is a really energetic show," she said. "It's not like I'm going to make my fortune off touring; I'm basically doing this as a big IOU for all the love and support I've gotten. I need to go shake some hands and kiss some people."

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