Have Charlie Charlie Fever? Here Are 9 More Demons You Can Summon If You Dare

A collection of mythological deities and creepypastas to get you past Charlie Charlie.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, news broke that youths all over the world were taking part in the "Charlie Charlie Challenge" -- an old Mexican tradition that involves summoning a demon using pencils, paper, and the words "Charlie, Charlie are you here?" Its validity, of course, is still in question, but we at MTV News (or just me, whatever) are huge fans of any childhood game that involves summoning the servants of Lucifer.

So in honor of the Charlie Charlie Challenge -- and to make my Christian mother cry tears of unfathomable sadness -- here are some more IRL demons you should definitely try to summon in your free time*. Just don't blame me for any of the scratching, spine-twisting, or swearing in Latin!

[Update: We have since learned that the Charlie Charlie Challenge was a marketing campaign from the upcoming movie "The Gallows." However, as far as we know, these demons have nothing to do with any found footage horror movies.]

Bloody Mary



Probably the best known of the summonable entities, Mary used to be called when women wanted to see the face of their future husbands. Now, she's said to appear in corpse form and/or covered in blood, and rumor has it she'll steal your soul or scratch your eyes out if she actually shows up when you chant her name in a bathroom (preferably with a "token" and/or candle, FYI). Lucky for you, she's probably dealing with thousands of other summoners on any given Friday evening, so there's a good chance she'll be busy when you actually come a'calling.


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Six Metre Statue Of the God Pazuzu Winched Onto Roof Of ICA

Pazuzu got a bad rap in the movie "The Exorcist," but if you're cool with famine and locusts, you might do just fine -- because even though Paz is evil, in demon-enthusiast circles, he's primarily known as a protector from the likes of Lamashtu, his rival (more on her in a second). According to some Satanists on the Internet, you can summon him just by thinking about him intensely, though having his sigil on hand would probably help.



Constantine - Season 1

Lamashtu is one bad mama. A regular fixture in Mesopotamian mythology and the so-called "Mother of Monsters" (sorry, Gaga) Lamashtu was known to torment pregnant women, kidnap and eat their nursing babies, and so on and so forth. She also had (has?) a group of followers who would either create new life to summon her and her powers, or sacrifice a life that was under a week old. So, yeah -- don't even try it. Pazuzu was frequently summoned by mothers to protect against her evil, so you know she's bad.




Frimost is basically the demon of misogyny -- men summon him to control women, and bring "enjoyment" to themselves. Have at 'em, Meninists. His sigil, according to Satanists, is this.


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Demons Belphegor and Mammon

Belphegor was actually worshipped by Israelites, in the shape of a phallus. He has been said to inspire inventions, and seduce those who encounter him with power and wealth. He's also, strangely enough, said to be summoned using human excrement -- and it's easier to find him in the month of April. So next April, get pooping and summoning!

Laughing Jack



Now we're exiting "proper" Satanism/demonology and entering creepypasta territory. If you're insane, head to an abandoned carnival then call out Laughing Jack's name five times. Supposedly, he'll show up and stalk you. Yay?




The most famous of the creepypastas due to a devastating stabbing in Wisconsin, Slendie doesn't actually require a human sacrifice to show up. In fact, all you have to do is go to the woods at night, carve a circle in a tree, put an "X" in said circle, and say this fun little chant.

Smile Dog

Digital Vision


What's wrong with summoning an adorable little puppy, right? A lot, when it comes to Smile Dog. Despite his name, Smile Dog is actually a file, smile.jpg, which can drive anyone who views it totally mad. Supposedly, you can summon this image by going to your living room at night and chanting "Smile my dog, smile!" Then you'll hear the words "spread the word," and when you open your eyes, you'll have summoned smile.jpg. Then go insane.

Jeff the Killer

To summon old Jeff, wait until midnight when everybody else is asleep. Then go to your bedroom with a kitchen knife, cover yourself with your blankets in bed, clutch said kitchen knife to your heart, and chant "Jeff the Killer" three times. Then, he'll show up and murder people cause his name is Jeff the Killer and what not.

(*Or never. Actually, let's go with never.)

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