'Big Hero 6' Sizzle Reel Brings New Fall Out Boy Song, Two Minutes Of Cuteness

So hot it sizzles.

Fans at New York City Comic-Con today (October 9) got to peek at the sizzle reel for the upcoming "Big Hero 6," which promises to deliver laughs, tears and a giant, friendly balloon robot. That's not all: the reel features a new Fall Out Boy song, "Immortals."

The band has been teasing the single's release on social channels for days, debuting the snippet we heard today. The full single will be out digitally on Tuesday, a post from the band confirmed.

Those looking forward to the movie's release are treated to a new scene displaying the robotics skills of Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter). It would seem his knack is simple, innocent-looking robots with capabilities far beyond what's immediately visible, much like his older brother Tadashi's creation, Baymax. (Again, get ready to snatch up those Baymax stuffed animals. You're going to want them.)

We also see the baddie supervillain causing a "catastrophe" in the city. A catastrophe that only balloony Baymax, Hiro and a ragtag team of Avengers-only-cuter kids can stop, it would appear.

We're so in.

"Big Hero 6" hits theaters November 7, 2014.