'Trainwreck' Work In Progress Screening Is Definitely Not A Trainwreck

'You're allowed to be a human being.'

If the way the South by Southwest Film Festival audience reacted to Sunday night's (March 15) work-in-progress screening of Judd Apatow's latest directorial effort, "Trainwreck," is any indication of the film's quality, it's safe to say the movie is anything but a trainwreck.

The film, introduced by writer and star Amy Schumer, Apatow, Vanessa Bayer and Bill Hader, follows Amy (Schumer), a 30-ish-year-old woman who is, as rom-com heroines so after are, is just trying to figure it all night. After a long stretch of short relationships, Amy meets Aaron, a sports doctor who is a super nice guy and really likes her. Most importantly, she likes him back. After a lifetime of believing that monogamy is a myth, can she commit?

Oh, and a "Downton Abbey"-loving LeBron James plays himself as Aaron's bro-in-arms, which is an amazing highlight of the movie.

It's a classic New York rom-com with an undeniably Apatovian twist. There are dance scenes and big set pieces hearkening back to the late '90s heyday of the romantic comedy, but also moments where Amy gets a little overwhelmed and has to go outside and get a little high. It's Nora Ephron with an edge, and it's fantastic.

In a Q&A following the screening, Schumer said that the story was a very personal one for her.

"The truth is I submitted my first script to Judd and I was proud of it, he was really nice, and he was like why don't you write about what's really up and I had to take a look at myself," she said. "This is very much me dealing with what's going on with me. I want to say like, 'this poor girl,' but yeah, I like, that's what's up."

Of course, she followed this up by reminiscing about the fact that "I didn't lose my two front teeth until the fifth grade, but I had my period. So I was just this, like, jack-o-lantern with t--s walking around."

Overall, an emotional Schumer said, her message is that "you're allowed to be a human being."

Don't think that means that "Trainwreck" is ooey-gooey by any means. There's at least one tampon joke that will likely haunt me forever, among others.

"Trainwreck" doesn't hit theaters until July 17, but just to max out that FOMO and excitement, here's a sampling of audience reactions.

"Trainwreck" hits theaters July 17.