JWOWW 'Pulled A Britney' -- See Her New Shaved 'Do!

Motherhood has apparently inspired the MTV star to go wild with her style.

Jenni Farley may be a new parent, but she refuses to become your average Soccer Mom. Exhibit A: her hair.

While the "Snooki & JWOWW" star has been known to switch up her 'do's dye every now and then -- she recently went blonde, shortly after giving birth to daughter Meilani -- when it comes to taking risks with the length of her locks, she's always resisted. Evidently, however, motherhood has awoken the daredevil inside.

The "Jersey" girl took to her website today to unveil a fresh, shaved style, referencing Britney Spears' infamous buzz-cut as her inspiration.


"I didn't feel right as a blonde so I pulled a Britney and shaved part of my head!" Jenni shared along with the selfie above. "I'm all about trying something new and my amazing hairstylist Joei D Fox was able to help me come up with an amazing new style that fits my personality."

And this change-up, which closely resembles Demi Lovato's recent makeover, was just the beginning of an even bigger change. Later in the day, Jenni revealed that she had "gone back to black."


Well, hello there, punk-rock girl! You're lookin' HOT. With a little black eyeliner we might mistake you for a guidette Joan Jett! Meilani's lucky to have such a bad-ass mommy.


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