Justin Bieber's New Tour Merch Reminds You Of His Anti-Photo Policy

Justin doesn't do photos and neither do you

In case you somehow forgot that Justin Bieber is "done" taking photos with fans, his new Purpose tour merch is here to remind you.

On Tuesday, Justin announced he'd be bringing his pop-up shop to Miami, and today, he revealed what fans can expect to find when they finally make inside. While the most eye-catching pieces from the thumbnail are the bright orange additions — that hat, hi — a closer look reveals anti-photo updates to two classic shirts.

Justin Bieber Twitter

Justin Bieber Merch

In the upper left corner, you'll find a long-sleeve t-shirt with a brooding Bieber and, on the sleeves, the words "No Photos." In the lower left corner, you'll find a short-sleeve t-shirt with "I Don't Do Photos" printed across the front. On the back is "Sorry," but, let's be real — we all know he isn't.

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