Fat Joe As Denzel? 'No Drama' Clip Is A 'Man On Fire' Remake

Paul Wall, Diplomats, Remy Ma pop up in video for 'street joint.'

NEW YORK -- Fat Joe needs a new apple right now.

The Terror Squad don took a couple of bites of one apple and then tossed it aside for a new one. A production assistant on the set of Joe's "No Drama" video ran up a hill to retrieve a new piece of fruit. The PA might have moved so quickly to avoid the fate of the poor guy who was sitting in a car on the set with his hands duct-taped to the steering wheel.

Don't worry, though: Joe promised that he won't have his fingers chopped off.

"We can't do that, because MTV won't let us insinuate that," Joe said. "But you can say we're interrogating him."

The hostage is all part of the clip, which is a remake of the Denzel Washington-starring movie "Man on Fire."

([article id="1538626"]Click here to see photos from Fat Joe's "No Drama" video shoot.[/article])

"It's a real hot video," Joe said. "It has scenes where the rival dude is running the streets, disrespecting the women. We're gonna clash.

"Of course, it's my video, so you know who's gonna win."

Joe was attracted to the 2004 thriller because of the film's gritty look.

FUBU co-founder Damon John was given the job of giving Joey Crack a Denzel makeover. NBA All-Star Ron Artest -- the Sacramento Kings forward who also raps and just opened up for Joe's overseas tour -- international soccer superstar Djibril Cisse, the Diplomats, the LOX, Paul Wall, Remy Ma and Tony Sunshine all make cameos in the clip.

"This is the street joint," Joe said of the song. "I usually drop street joints, but sometimes I don't shoot videos. I wanted to shoot a video for this one."

Joe doesn't have a release date yet for Me, Myself & I because he wants to release the album independently and he's negotiating distribution (see [article id="1534444"]"Fat Joe On September Release: 'Bet The Kitchen Sink On Me' "[/article]).

"I'm enjoying my free agency," he smiled. "A lot of labels is biting. In any case, I'm doing the independent thing with my own video team, my own publicity, I own my own masters. I'm paying for everything out of my pocket. I'm leaning towards [signing a deal with] ... eh, we're just leaning, leaning with it. Rocking with it, moving our bodies from side to side."

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