Joe Quesada Outlines Plans For 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' Comics With Movie Creators

Marvel Studios have very carefully laid the groundwork for "The Avengers," sowing the seeds in past pictures like "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" and upcoming endeavors such as "Thor" and "Captain America." But while the Marvel movie universe has thrived on the big screen, further stories set within this continuity could unfold somewhere else: the comic book page.

"We're actually working on some interesting ways of marketing the Marvel cinematic universe — I guess the MCU, we could call it," Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada told MTV News at New York Comic Con. "We know the stories that we want to tell, and for the uninitiated, the MCU are going to be stories set within movie continuity."

"[The MCU stories are] not necessarily direct adaptations of the movies, but maybe something that happened off screen and was mentioned in the movie, and we'll tell that story," he continued. "We're working on some very exciting ways on how to market that particular product, but again, this is really just in the beginning stages. If we're able to pull it off, it'll be pretty massive. I think it's going to put the MCU on the map very, very quickly."

Quesada added that the MCU stories would be developed by the people involved in the moviemaking side of Marvel, not just the traditional stable of writers comics fans have come to know and love.

"We're really excited about it, because the folks that are involved in the movies on the West Coast will be involved in these stories," he said. "It won't be like one of our comic book writers saw the movie and has an idea for a story. No, these stories are originating at the very top. [Marvel Studios chief] Kevin Feige is involved with these and in some cases maybe the writers of the movies would be involved in these."

"It's all coming from the same house, which is our west coast guys generating these ideas and then either just giving them to some of our writers or maybe some of these guys writing them themselves," he added.

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