Usher’s Top 5 Sexiest Videos

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By Christina Garibaldi

With the release of Usher’s latest video for "Scream" and in celebration of his seventh studio album, Looking 4 Myself, we here at MTV News decided it was time for us to take a trip down memory lane and look back at Usher’s top five sexiest videos of all time. Believe us, this was not easy, we had to spend hours looking at videos of Usher baring his abs, showing off his sultry dance moves, flashing his charming smile and even shots of him in his boxers. Somehow we managed to get through it.

Here are our top five sexiest Usher videos of all time:

"Nice & Slow"

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Usher had everyone calling out U-S-H-E-R after seeing the video for the 1998 hit single "Nice & Slow." This video quickly made people realize that Usher had all the right moves as he set out on a mission to rescue his lady love, played by Kimora Lee Simmons. Usher races through Paris, fights off kidnappers, escapes an exploding building and in his spare time manages to grind the camera and jam out with a guitar, sans shirt, in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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"U Got It Bad"

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Usher brought in real-life girlfriend at the time, TLC’s Chili, to star in the 2001 video for "U Got it Bad." The video, directed by Little X, opens with Usher in his boxers … laying in bed … enough said. In the clip, Usher agonizes over an ex-girlfriend and tries everything in his power to get her back. The video gave us a glimpse into the real-life chemistry that he and Chili shared and showcased his sultry voice, six-pack abs and some flawless dance moves, which were even hotter because they were in the rain.


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Usher not only set this video on fire, but most hearts as well. A song about heartache and pain, “Burn” was a massive hit for Usher in 2004. In the video, Usher struggles with letting go of his ex-girlfriend while everything around him goes up in flames. Usher gets intimate, dances in front of an Aston Martin and makes us wonder why anyone would break Usher’s heart.

"Trading Places"

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It seriously does not get hotter than this. Usher takes us into his bedroom in the 2008 video for "Trading Places," which is basically just a four minute clip about making love. No complaining here. The ultra-steamy video, which required little clothing, has Usher and his leading lady moving from the stairs, to the bed, to the sofa, taking his role as a sex symbol to a whole new level.

"Love in This Club"

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If the lyrics weren’t sexy enough, Usher turned up the heat in his video for his 2008 single "Love in this Club." Singer Keri Hilson played his love interest as she and Usher dirty-danced all over the club floor, in the bathroom, in the VIP lounge … basically everywhere. The lyrics of the song proclaim "have you ever made love to thug in the club with his sights on?" I’m pretty sure most people would say no, but after seeing this hot video I would bet that some seriously contemplated it.

What do you think is Usher’s sexiest video? Let us know in the comments.

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