Britney Spears Busts Out Whips And S&M In 'Work Bitch' Video: Watch Now!

Spears is queen bee in her latest visual, which premiered Tuesday (October 1) night.

Bullwhips, fast cars and the femme fatale herself! Oh my! On Tuesday (October 1), Britney Spears released her new video for "Work Bitch." And she pulled out all the stops.

In the dance-heavy visual, Spears reunites with [article id="1698332"]"Scream & Shout" director, Ben Mor[/article], to play a dominatrix bad girl who isn't afraid to make her dancers and co-stars work for it as she full-out sashays her way through the video, throwing lots of sass and shade everyone's way. Spears is at the center of the action.

Mor promised that the video would have an [article id="1714839"]"adult" vibe[/article] and that Spears would be returning to her dance video roots in what he described as an [article id="1714637"]"ambitious" clip[/article] from the pop star. He wasn't lying.

In between costume changes in various glamorous locations, Spears returns to her dance roots. And when she isn't dancing and writhing around, she's generally just kicking butt, whipping dancers into shape. The video certainly has a lot of S&M elements . Heck, at one point an extra wears a speaker as a ball gag.

Overwhelmed with all the love, my goodness! Big kiss to all of u & Mr Ben Mor!!! Xxoo #WORKBxxCHVideo

— Britney Spears (@britneyspears) October 2, 2013

Among the more memorable visuals are scenes of Spears holding court at a fancy house party, while revelers drink around her. At another point, Spears stands in the middle of a pool, with sharks swimming around her. And later, in one of the many desert scenes, she stands on top of a giant, white triangle, with her dancers on leashes.

Oh, yeah, let's not forget the moment where mannequins explode just because they can.

The video closes out on a shot of just Spears, looking fiercely into the camera, ready for her next era to launch.

"Work Bitch" is the first single off Spears' still-untitled [article id="1714200"]December 3 album release[/article]. Weeks after she releases new music ,she'll head back to the desert to play her first show for her two-year Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood, [article id="1714335"]"Britney: Piece of Me,"[/article] on December 27.