Kendrick Lamar's Unreleased Track 'King Kunta' Is Already Getting Rave Reviews

Pharrell is gushing about this one too.

Excited about Kendrick Lamar's upcoming album? Well, you're not the only one.

Scott Vener, the music supervisor for HBO's "Entourage" got a chance to hear a new track that might end up on the project called "King Kunta," and he couldn't have given a more positive review.

According to his tweets, Vener was in the studio with Pharrell when he heard the song and P was pretty damn impressed as well.

As a matter of fact, Vener liked what he heard so much, that he even tried to get the track trending on Twitter all by himself. A tough feat since the rest of the Internet hasn't heard the song, but we definitely appreciate his passion.

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"I only got to hear it once. usually I listen to the beat then digest the lyrics the 2nd time around but… f--k…," he wrote, even going on to proclaim that Kendrick deserves a Grammy, or, at the very least, an Oscar.

"King Kunta" is produced by TDE's Sounwave.