Millie Bobby Brown Unleashes Her Inner Cardi B With 'Stranger Things' Rap

Eleven has bars

It's safe to say that the internet didn't truly fall in love with Millie Bobby Brown until the Stranger Things press tour last fall, when the then 12-year-old star of the Netflix phenomenon rapped her way into our hearts with an impressive version of Nicki Minaj's "Monster" verse. That was the exact moment MBB became a superstar.

A little over a year later and Brown is back on the mic — this time, with her own rhymes. While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (October 31), she recapped the first season of Stranger Things with an original rap. Though, it's clear that Brown used Cardi B's record-breaking no. 1 song "Bodak Yellow" as a source of inspiration for her bars.

Anyway, it was totally bitchin'.

"Bad news when you see that bloody nose," she raps, undoubtedly channeling Cardi B, before executing a perfect — and well-earned, tbh — mic drop. Hey, you try rapping about the Demogorgon and Eggos.

If only we could banish her hype man to the Upside Down!!! Just kidding. Fallon can stay. Someone needs to hype that show. It's not getting nearly enough attention.