Pharrell, Kendrick And Alicia Keys' 'Spider-Man' Video Tease Hits The Web

Keys drops a preview of her upcoming 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' music video for 'It's On Again.'

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is about a month away from hitting theaters, but it's already shaping up to be quite the cinematic experience, so why would we expect anything less from the first music video off the official soundtrack?

A teaser clip for Alicia Keys, Kendrick Lamar and Pharrell Williams' "It's On Again" video hit the Web on Tuesday.

The 47-second teaser splices movie scenes with music video clips in a very organic way, starting with a shadowy figure walking through what we assume is an Oscorp lab. Pharrell makes a brief appearance, peering through a surveillance system, as film composer Hans Zimmer conducts his orchestra.

There is a brief Spidey cameo as well, but the teaser's true heroes are the musical ones as Kendrick Lamar and Alicia Keys look ready for action. Before the preview closes we see a punk-styled Keys sitting in a chair, lifting her head, ready to sing her song before the whole thing fades to black.

The song, which dropped online in March, starts off with a fearless verse from Kendrick, who took on a crop of rap gladiators last year with his verse on Big Sean's "Control." "And everybody knows the story of David and Goliath/ But this is bigger than triumph/ This is for the warrior/ This is for you and I," he snarls, before Keys brings some calm with her vocals.

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