Britney Spears Reveals The Truth About Kissing Ryan Gosling

As 'Britney Jean' hits stores, Brit clarifies the fun she had with her 'Mickey Mouse Club' co-star.

Britney Spears got candid with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday (December 3) when the "Work Bitch" singer opened up about playing spin the bottle with heartthrob Ryan Gosling.

"I did that, but I didn't kiss him though," she shared with DeGeneres about her fellow former Mouseketeer. (Gosling shared back in April that he used to play spin the bottle with Spears during their "Mickey Mouse Club" days.) "The only person I kissed was Justin [Timberlake]. It never landed on him," she explained of Gosling. No, it wasn't just me and [Gosling]."

While she never shared any sweet kisses with Gosling, she is currently dating David Lucado and has been for about eight months. She dished that her friends introduced them at a party and it was an "instant" connection. "I just love that he's very passionate and he's funny and he's sexy," Spears shared. "I don't know; I like him. I just, I love him.

Relationships are the subject of her new album, Britney Jean, out today. She gets real about her split from talent agent Jason Trawick (they broke up back in January) on the track, "Til It's Gone."

"I think it's healthy. I think if you're ready to share that with the world, personal things like that, I think it's very therapeutic and good for you to do that," she said about sharing her romantic ups and downs on the album. Britney Jean features collaborations with executive producer, T.I. and little sister Jaime Lynn.

Next up, Spears will kick off her Las Vegas residency, "Piece of Me," on December 27. Fans were treated to a first look of the stage during "Ellen," which includes lots of neon lights and graphics.

"I've done like four tours in the past five years. I've been traveling all around the world. I think it's ideal to have one place to go to that you can feel like it's more family oriented," the mother of two said. "The show is probably the hardest show I've ever done. I'm dancing the most I've ever danced. And it's gonna be fun."

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