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Photos: Jennifer Lawrence Filming 'Mockingjay' In Paris -- But What Scene?

What's she doing? Why's she wearing that coat? What's going on?

Warning: Spoilers and speculation for "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" (parts 1 and 2) ahead.

Jennifer Lawrence was spotted filming on the Paris set of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" today, wearing a blue hooded cloak as well as her usual dazzling personality and pleasing face.

The first and second parts of "Mockingjay," the final chapters to the "Hunger Games" saga, are being filmed concurrently, so we're off to the races as to what part, exactly, she may be filming.

Ralph/Pacific Coast News

Jennifer Lawrence wears a blue cloak on the set of

On the one hand, a bright blue hooded puffer coat is not the most incognito of outfits, hood up or down. Like, hey, Katniss, we can see you. You're right there. So perhaps Katniss and Co. are in District 13, the nuked-out secret hideout the rebels call home base. No need to go low-profile when you're the Mockingjay in the nest, right? Plus, the ground looks dirty, so there's that.

Ralph/Pacific Coast News

Jennifer Lawrence wears a blue cloak on the set of '

But then again, the attire of those around Lawrence makes us think that this could be the part of the story where Katniss is fighting her way through the streets of the Capitol. Look at those braids and bright colors! Could these be the fanciest folks in Panem peeling off to join Katniss? If there's going to be a war in the Capitol, you can bet your stylish buttons that it'll be the most festively attired war you've ever seen.

What do you think? What scene could JLaw and her ominous cerulean winter coat possibly be filming?