Did Game And Young Thug Make Peace?

Perhaps cooler heads have prevailed.

It seems Game and Young Thug have found peace.

Yesterday, footage surfaced of Game threatening Young Thug over his reported feud with Lil Wayne. Then, Thugger and Game exchanged some pretty harsh words over social media. A day later, it looks like they’ve reconciled their differences thanks to mutual friend and affiliate, rapper Jojo Capone.

Game announced the peace on Twitter by saying he got off the phone with Capone and that the “#TheFlexinGoneBePutToBed.”



Although Thugger has yet to comment on the reconciliation, Capone, who is part of the rap group Global Gangsters, confirmed his peace-keeping on Instagram.

"I just had a great peaceful conversation with both of y'all," he said in a post that features Thugger and Game smiling. "I want to continue to see y'all smile and do what y'all love to do, support your families. Y'all both have children and siblings that's rooting for peace so with that being said, love y'all.

"We need y'all to put an end to the minor situation and not let the media who only care about rating fuel the situation," he added. "Let's love and respect each other."

Capone elaborated on the situation during a May 7 interview with ForbezDVD where he discussed the positive potential Game and Thugger have if they can work things out.

"Musically, they probably can make an album together and sell 20 million records or more," he said. "But something as minor as an argument or a war of words or one person’s strong opinion for his friend could be something different."

Thankfully, it seems cooler heads have prevailed.

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