Rakim Discusses Helping Jody Watley's "Flower" Grow

Eightie's R&B/Dance diva Jody Watley is back with a new single, "Off The Hook," from her upcoming album, "Flower.

The remix features Rakim, rap's veteran MC who made an impressive return himself last November with the "The 18th Letter.

The "Off The Hook" remix is a reunion of sorts for Watley and Rakim. The two worked together in 1989 on Watley's single "Friends." That track was one of the first R&B hits to feature a guest spot with a rap artist, something that has become almost mandatory for any R&B track of this decade.

At the time, we didn't even realize what was going on. You know, myself I was just thrilled that Jody Watley asked me to do something on her record. I just went there trying to give her Rakim cause that was what she wanted," Rakim told MTV News.

But then when it blew up, cause I wasn't sure our people was gonna' except it, you know what I am saying? Everybody feeling me like one of the hardcore artists, you know what I'm saying?

So, I'm like, 'I got mad respect for Jody Watley, I'm gonna do it anyway.'

Watley will be showing a lot of herself in the April issue of "Playboy," and a little less of herself in a video she's shooting this week, for a remix of "Off The Hook.

Flower" is due out next month.

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