A Short List Of Must-Know Micropenis Facts

A man with a micropenis reveals everything you ever wondered about the condition.

The folks over at New York Magazine's Science of Us interviewed a man with a micropenis. We have so. Many. Questions. Luckily, this brave fellow has answered several of them. So here's the long and short of his revealing interview about micropeens.

1. Generally, a grown man's penis under three inches erect is a micropenis.

"[F]ull sex is something I just can’t do properly. My penis is just not big enough."

2. Experts estimate only 0.6% of men have one.

3. The circumference tends to be greater than the length.

4. Sitting down is the only safe way to pee, unless you want soiled pants.

5. Manscaping is not a choice, otherwise it can get lost in the pubic hair.

"I have to shave any hair away from there because it gets trapped very quickly, especially because I’m not circumcised."

6. Medicinal marijuana can help momentarily ease penile anxiety.

7. Hands-free masturbation (such as rubbing against a bed) is easier for men with micropenises than the "traditional" way.

8. An experienced and nonjudgmental sexual partner is key.

"The girl I was with was very experienced and knew how to deal with me... She made the most of what I have."

Read the full interview here.