Bernie Sanders Is ‘Hot’ – Deal With It

Somebody call 9-1-1, shawty fire 'Berning' on the dance floor.

With his total and utter lack of chill, presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is setting the 2016 presidential race ablaze. On Thursday, it was revealed that the Democratic Vermont senator would be featured front and center on this week's cover of TIME Magazine.

Oh, Bernie. Look at his grin and his rolled-up sleeves. Now pair this with a no-nonsense approach to various issues, including climate change, women's rights, and income inequality -- is it any wonder that so many people have started to "Feel the Bern," especially 20somethings? Let the Internet tell you just what it is about Bernie that's setting the hearts (and apparently, loins?) of America's youth on fire:

When It Comes To The Big Issues, Bernie DGAF About Spilling That Piping Hot Tea

bernie 1
bernie 2 copy
bernie sanders 3


bernie sanders 4
bernie sanders 5

Then There Are These People, Who Just Think He's Really Hot (?)

For any/all of these reasons, one thing's for sure: The Bern is catching on like wildfire.

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