Maisie Williams Is A Viking Action Maiden In This 'Doctor Who' Clip

Her perfect crown braid is in terrible peril!

Ever since we first caught a glimpse of Maisie Williams sporting an amazing updo in the new "Doctor Who" season trailer, fans have been dying for another peek at her appearance on the BBC series.

Now, thanks to a new clip from Williams' episode, "The Girl Who Died," we can see her and her amazing Viking hairstyle in action. Extremely active action!

The just-released video shows the "Game of Thrones" actress in an extremely tight spot, trapped along with Clara and a gang of Vikings in a claustrophobic corridor with a moving wall closing in.

Maisie, who plays a character named "Ashildr," is one half of a team trying desperately to pull open a door at the other end, before... well, we're not sure what is about to happen, actually. But anytime you're stuck in a rapidly en-smallening death chamber with machinery that's making a "revving up" sound, it's probably a good idea to be somewhere else.

Check out the clip, and then hear more from Maisie about watching the "Game of Thrones" and "Doctor Who" fandoms collide in the interview below.

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