'Rumble's New Exclusive Book Trailer Will Make You Question Everything

We want to know what 'the rumble' is, too.

Ever wondered what a crisis of faith -- and anti-faith -- looks like? We imagine it's a bit like the new trailer for "Rumble," the latest from YA author Ellen Hopkins due out August 26.

"Rumble" tells the tale of an atheist named Matthew Turner who falls in love with an Evangelical Christian girl. After Matthew's brother is bullied into suicide by some of his friends, Turner decides to live with abandon -- until he's awoken by a mysterious “rumble” that Hopkins described cryptically as “something that he hears that makes things make sense to him.”

“His big thing is that he bears some guilt,” Hopkins told MTV News. “He could have come home earlier to save his brother, but he was with his girlfriend and by the time he got home his brother had done it. So how do you find forgiveness that you really, really need when that person is gone? So the rumble is around that. The way he finds forgiveness.”

Check out the trailer, exclusive to MTV News, below:

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