Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump Getting Caught Up In Murder Mystery On 'Law & Order'

'I've been begging forever,' band's frontman says of his guest stint on the drama.

Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump has found himself wrapped up in a murder/kidnapping during a New York blackout. Also, his name isn't "Patrick Stump," it's "Marty Dressler," and he's not the silver-throated lead singer of a multiplatinum rock act, but rather a lowly cubicle-monkey at a local energy company.

Sound like the plot of some rather bizarre bit of FOB fan fiction? Well, yes, but it's also the synopsis of an upcoming episode of NBC's long-running crime-drama "Law & Order" that features Stump as a suspect in a high-profile case.

"The episode is called 'Darkness,' and it involves a kidnapping and murder that takes place during a power outage," NBC spokeswoman Amber James told MTV News. "The wife and daughter of an energy exec are kidnapped, and the housekeeper is murdered, and it turns out Patrick's character works for the executive's company. He has two key scenes in the interrogation room and another scene where he's in the court room, being prosecuted. ... He's completely out of character. It has nothing to do with his band or him being a musician."

Fans interested in finding out Stump's fate will have to wait until February, when the episode is tentatively scheduled to air ("L&O" will return for its 18th season in January).

In the meantime, you don't have to worry about Stump turning his attention away from Fall Out Boy. He swears that the band -- which is currently crisscrossing the country on its Young Wild Things Tour (see [article id="1567326"]"Fall Out Boy: Monsters Of Rock? Band's Tour To Have 'Where The Wild Things Are' Theme"[/article]) -- is his first, second and really, only priority. But he's always been a "Law & Order" nut, and when the opportunity to appear on the show came up, he had to take it.

"I've been begging forever, 'cause I'm just a fan," he told MTV News. "Somehow they let me do it."