Back In The Day: Did Brody Jenner's Wife Kaitlynn Ever Watch 'The Hills'?

She'll appear with her hubby on the show's upcoming reboot

Brody Jenner appeared on The Hills for most of its original run (Season 2 until the very last iconic Hollywood sign scene) -- and at the time, a viewer named Kaitlynn Carter was watching her future husband out and about at Les Deux in Los Angeles.

"I watched The Hills religiously and, I mean, I never in a million years thought I’d be on it," Kaitlynn -- who wed Brody in June 2018 and will appear with her spouse on New Beginnings -- divulged to Vogue. "I was the same age as the rest of the women who were on the show at the time, and I feel like it helped me see that there was a whole other world out there and endless opportunities. The fashion industry didn’t exist where I was from in Peterborough, New Hampshire."

And speaking of her hometown, she has a "crazy fun fact" about the New England area -- and one of her fellow cast members.

"Heidi and I were both born in Peterborough at the same hospital," she said. "[It's] kind of crazy."

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