Lizzo Makes The Guys Cry Tears Of Joy In 'Cuz I Love You' Video

The songstress leads the chiseled chaps to salvation

Lizzo's new album comes out soon, so it's only right that today (February 14) she releases the video to the song's powerful title track. The enormous vocal presence here on "Cuz I Love You" is astounding and, somehow, the black-and-white visual manages to match the effort in sheer scale. There's just one thing missing – her fierce woodwind instrument, Sasha Flute. Take a look at the video below.

From the very beginning, things seem just a bit off. From the framing of the camera to the accompanying revealing vocals, it seems like Lizzo is confessing her sins to a priest. But things aren't all that they seem; she's actually talking to a significant other who's incarcerated. As she belts high vocals she becomes the head of her own congregation of chiseled men who stream tears as her vocals soar higher and higher. The entire time, the monochrome presentation paints a retro picture that her exaggerated makeup backs up. It's a weird, nostalgic experience.

Cuz I Love You is right around the corner and, because of it, we're seeing more Lizzo than ever before. Last week, she gave The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon perhaps the funkiest show in its history with a disco-ball themed performance of "Juice." Her performance of the record on Ellen in January was equally spectacular, incorporating both the audience and Sasha Flute for a flashy preview of what to expect when her album hits stores in April.

She'll also be embarking on a tour in support of the LP that same month, so get tickets to hear "Cuz I Love You" and "Juice" live. Who knows — Sasha Flute may even make an appearance.

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