Michael Moore Preparing 'Fahrenheit 9/11 And 1/2'

Filmmaker plans to release sequel in time for 2008 election.

You didn't think Michael Moore was going to take President Bush's re-election lying down, did you?

The controversial filmmaker is planning to begin work on a sequel to "Fahrenheit 9/11," to be titled "Fahrenheit 9/11 and 1/2," he told the industry trade publication Variety. The new project will revisit the same issues addressed in "Fahrenheit 9/11," which included scathing criticisms of Bush's presidency, as well as terrorism and the war in Iraq.

Moore said that he has been in talks with Harvey Weinstein, the executive producer of "Fahrenheit 9/11," about beginning work on "Fahrenheit 9/11 and 1/2."

"We want to get the cameras rolling now and have it ready in two [to] three years," he said. "Fifty-one percent of American people lacked information [in this election], and we want to educate and enlighten them. They weren't told the truth. We're communicators and it's up to us to start doing it now.

"The official mourning period is over today," Moore said, "and there is a silver lining: George W. Bush is prohibited by law from running again."

"Fahrenheit 9/11 and 1/2" is slated for a release around the time of the next presidential campaign, a spokesperson for Moore's distributor told Reuters. Issues in Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" were addressed by Bush and Senator John Kerry during their campaigns, and the film broke the U.S. box-office record for documentary ticket sales, earning close to $120 million since its June release. The documentary also won the Palme d'Or, the highest honor at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

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